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LFX Security

Instill trust with complete code security

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Security Dashboard

Building trust with your community is key to project success.

Security is always a primary concern and priority for companies and projects, and when there is a significant dependency on open source, it can cause anxiety. LFX provides a clear view into the security of a given project and enables developers to identify and resolve vulnerabilities quickly and easily.

Overview + Vulnerabilities Dashboard

Updated Dependency Tree

Now view the code dependencies by priority, location, and which licenses they are coming from

Code Secrets

Find and fix any non-public information that may be exposed in the code

Code Secrets + Non-Inclusive Language Dashboards
Vulnerabilities Dashboard

Neutral to Source Control Systems

Security supports the most common SCMs including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure, and more

Packed with features

Centralized Project Security Dashboard

Monitor your entire project for potential vulnerabilities with an aggregated project-level view of your entire software sandwich across source control systems and repositories.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

Stay up-to-date on project health with weekly checks against thousands of authorized open source repository vulnerability databases, bug bounties, security advisories, and security articles and reports.

Fix Recommendations

Resolve any detected vulnerabilities with CVE and CWE recommendations based on pull requests from others in the ecosystem.

License Compliance Management

Ensure project compliance by keeping track of all licenses used by your projects and their dependencies.

Contextual Vulnerability Reporting

Track potential vulnerabilities within the context of a holistic view that aggregates your project’s 100s or 1000s of repositories.

Detailed Dependency Tree

Understand the relationships between local and upstream packages and identify the impact of vulnerabilities to your project.

Community Contributor Boards

Track community standing to make project voting decisions easier or simply know how you compare. Identify key individuals and companies based on technical and ecosystem contributions.

Marketing Metrics

Visualize the perception around your project, with sentiment analysis, social statistics, earned media, content reach, and SEO impact.

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