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LFX Individual Dashboard

Measure your impact across the entire open source ecosystem

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Individual Dashboard

Showcase your accomplishments

“Keep your open source profile up-to-date by tracking your project contributions, affiliations, and accomplishments. Display your skills, certifications, and more on your private dashboard. Soon you’ll be able to share your dashboard publicly as well, making it even easier to share your contributions with the community and potential employers.”

Join the half a million people already using Individual Dashboard

Connected Accounts and Technical Contribution Charts

Manage all your accounts and passwords

Centralize and track your project contributions

See my open source badges and accomplishments

Keep track of everything in one location.

Training Enrollment and Badges
Skills and Speaking Experience

Establish your open source identify

Promote your contributions

Packed with features

Decentralized Community Profile

Manage your distributed community identity, open source accomplishments, and affiliations from one dashboard.

Live and Recorded Event Presentations

Easily access live video streaming for events through the dashboard, and browse through recorded videos for past events.

Certification Badges

Highlight your skills and accomplishments with profile badges showcasing your certifications, speaking engagements, program committee participation, and more.

Training and Certification History

See the status of your enrolled training courses and receive completion certificates. Earn digital badges upon successful completion of certification exams.

Manage Email Subscriptions

Don’t clog your already-full inbox. Easily opt in or out of your email subscriptions so you only hear from projects and the Linux Foundation when you want.

Community Participation History

Connect and analyze information from 15+ distributed data sources including GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, Slack, Google Groups, Twitter, and others.

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