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LFX For Open Source Program Offices

Manage your open source success with LFX

As open source has become more mission-critical, so has the need to communicate and manage your organization’s open source success– quickly and accurately.

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“Having LFX come with our LF membership made it easy for us to walk stakeholders through a demo of the product showing that we had insight as to what was going on across our organization. In so we were able to get company buy-in, and it made it a lot easier than piecing the information together ourselves.”

Damani CorbinBoeing Open Source Program Office Strategy Lead

The Tools the Power LFX

LFX tools are designed to help you and your organization thrive

Wholistically understand your organization’s participation in open source. Manage your employees and key contacts, organization contributions, project memberships,  event & training data and more.

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Start contributing code faster

Stop worrying about whether you’re following the right CLA process and focus on developing code. Easily go through the correct workflow to contribute code on your own behalf or for your company.

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Have visibility into software security health to address code vulnerabilities. Also, LFX enables you to manage Contributor License Agreements. Both of which help to protect your open source investment.

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LFX features for OSPOS

Organization Contribution Dashboards

Manage open source KPI’s and align business objectives; recognize the top open source engineers and evangelists, and benchmark your organization’s open source contributions against industry leaders.

Membership Management

Understand which foundations your company is a member of, and view all of your membership benefits in one place.

Discover and explore new projects

See which projects your employees are interested in and contributing to

Influence beyond code

Brand awareness and impact through sponsoring events, speaker participation, project leadership participation insights and more.

CLA One-time Approvals

Streamline your Corporate CLA workflow allowing your developers to start coding right away.

Establish your open source identify

Promote your contributions.

Manage all your accounts and passwords

Centralize and track your project contributions.

Get the Most from Your Organizations Linux Foundation Benefits

The Training & Certification Analytics dashboards give you visibility of the top training programs and more.

Identify the Projects that Require Certifications

Monitor the projects that require certifications from the LF Training courses.