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LFX For Developers

You do the coding. LFX does the managing.

Fast-track your open source project development with integrated tools built to streamline operations, track project health, scale community engagement, and plan for long-term sustainability.

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“As a developer if you’re working on a project that you want to keep for a long time what you don’t want to do is adopt a dependency or a library that within 6 months, 3 months, a year has been abandoned by the maintainers. And there’s no way to determine this, it’s like we’re just making a bet. Whatever information we can use to make that bet more insightful is useful”

Rob MoffatSenior Technical Architect, FINOS

The tools that power LFX

LFX tools are designed to help you and your projects thrive

Insights Project Overview

Make data-driven decisions

Stay informed about the health of your project, with trends and objective metrics. Identify and respond to issues within your project’s code pipeline, ensuring a healthy contributor community.

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LFX EasyCLA Dashboard

Contribute code faster

Stop worrying about whether you’re following the right CLA process and focus on developing code. Easily go through the correct workflow to contribute code on your own behalf or for your company.

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Individual Dashboard

Track and share your achievements

A centralized portfolio for your open source engagement. Track your contributions, project roles, project meetings, badges, events, certifications, and more!

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LFX features for developers

Contributor Affiliations

Ensure you’re accurately credited for your work by keeping your company affiliations up-to-date and controlling how to attribute your contributions.

Identity Management

Aggregate your various aliases and usernames from across systems to ensure you get credit for all your contributions while controlling your data.

Contribution Metrics

Check out your various contribution metrics and benchmark your performance against your community.

Get Notified

Receive an automatic notification in GitHub, GitLab or Gerrit if you need to be authorized. Sign your individual CLA with an e-signature.

One-time Approvals

Quickly sign an Individual CLA and start submitting code right away.

Establish your open source identify

Promote your contributions.

Manage all your accounts and passwords

Centralize and track your project contributions.

Get the Most from Your Organizations Linux Foundation Benefits

The Training & Certification Analytics dashboards give you visibility of the top training programs and more.

Identify the Projects that Require Certifications

Monitor the projects that require certifications from the LF Training courses.