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Make data-driven decisions with a contextualized view of your entire contributor ecosystem.

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“The OSPO was a way for us to open doors to create the streamlining that was needed for our developers, who were previously restricted to their environments that they were working in and given tasks in. We needed to open that up but there was no Insights or LFX that was in place. Without that, we were left wondering who is already doing these things, who’s already trying to do these things.”

Eddie KnightSonatype, Developer Advocate Software & Cloud Engineer

Track project performance beyond code

LFX Insights Review Time Charts

Get a 360° view of your contributor ecosystem

Identify ways to better support and sustain your open source community with a holistic view of your contributor ecosystem. Stay informed about the health of your project, with trends and objective metrics.

Avoid contributor burnout

Get the visibility and transparency you need with performance metrics across every step of the development lifecycle. Identify and respond to issues within your project’s code pipeline, ensuring a healthy contributor community.

LFX Insights Contributor Dependency and Work Time Charts
LFX Insights Leaderboard and OpenSSF Score Charts

Leverage data to help validate projects

Track critical projects you rely on

Ensure the health and viability of the open source projects you care about. Leverage data to help validate projects for investment, and track the activity and growth of projects your organization is already involved in.

Packed with features

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Results-oriented reporting lets you analyze technical trends, team performance, ecosystem and community statistics, and more.

Smart Data Analysis

Machine-learning models enhance data analysis and enable leaderboards and community voting.

Contributor Affiliations

Ensure you’re accurately credited for your work by keeping your company affiliations up-to-date and controlling how to attribute your contributions.

Shared Innovation

Get access to new instrumentation, sources, alerts, and dashboards as soon as they roll out. Features requested by one project will be available to everyone.

Identity Management

Aggregate your various aliases and usernames from across systems to ensure you get credit for all your contributions while controlling your data.

Telemetry From Multiple Data Sources

Connect and analyze information from 15+ distributed data sources including GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, Slack, Google Groups, Twitter, and others.

Community Contributor Boards

Track community standing to make project voting decisions easier or simply know how you compare. Identify key individuals and companies based on technical and ecosystem contributions.

Marketing Metrics

Visualize the perception around your project, with sentiment analysis, social statistics, earned media, content reach, and SEO impact.

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