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LFX For Project Leads

Monitor project and community health, simplify operations, and grow your ecosystem.

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““Whether we’re working with a project to get its contributor volume up or talking with our sponsoring members on their engagement levels, Insights has really helped provide the hard data to make solid decisions and recommendations.””

Brian BehlendorfExecutive Director Hyperledger

The Tools the Power LFX

Designed to help you and your projects thrive

Streamline project operations, schedule and manage meetings, create and manage mailing lists, committees, and monitor project health.

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Develop the next generation of developers for your projects, raise funds and manage expenses for different initiatives with transparency.

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Visibility into project growth, engagement and development lifecycle. Identify project strengths and leaders, and monitor your community activity levels to avoid burnout.

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LFX features for project leaders

Contributor Leaderboards

Reward new and active contributors and identify potential contributor burnout before it happens.

Contribution Metrics

Easily monitor project contributions, benchmark against previous time periods, and better sustain your project.

Manage Your Community

Easily create and manage committees and other working groups, add and replace members, perform voting and surveys.

Monitor Project Health

Monitor project velocity and productivity metrics, identify bottlenecks, and better engage developers.

Quickly Grow Your Ecosystem

Robust administrative tools to quickly add projects, manage meetings, mailing lists, committees, and much more.

Privacy Best Practices

Ensure your community members contribute with confidence by adopting and following best practices.

Secure Your Project

Pro-actively identify and resolve security vulnerabilities and dependencies within your project repositories.


Develop the next generation of developers for your projects with mentorship programs.

Build Sustainable Ecosystem

Attract and keep contributors, better engage and support member organizations, and ensure long-term growth and adoption for your projects.