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““We use LFX Crowdfunding to receive donations and handle project expenses. It provides all key features for working with individual and company donors, and it helps us to facilitate Jenkins evolution by funding outreach programs and infrastructure costs. We have also run our first independent mentoring project with the Mentorship portal. We are looking forward to making LFX the primary crowdfunding platform!””

Oleg NenashevJenkins Core Maintainer and Board Member

Donating to open source projects should be simple and transparent

Linux Kernel Mentorship Goals

Raise the Funds You Need

Raise the funds your project needs to secure and maintain your code, grow your communities, and advance your technology. Experience a streamlined fundraising process for all parties.

Establish Trust with Your Investors

Transparency and easy to use full-service fundraising solution is designed for open source projects and let’s you focus on what matters most– writing code

Linux Kernel Mentorship Transactions
Linux Kernel Donate Dashboard

Donate Directly to Projects Your Organization Relies On

Track project insights and funding progress to ensure your donations are well spent

Features to make supporting and growing projects easy

Full Transparency

Crowdfunding dashboards provide visibility into project performance, fundraising goals, donations received, and expenses.

Zero Fees

No transaction or payment processing fees. 100% of donations go to the projects, who manage and distribute their own funds.

Flexible Giving Options

Individuals and companies can make either one-time or recurring donations. Crowdfunding accepts both credit cards and invoiced payments.

Compliance and Oversight

Funds accountability, governance, and tax processing are all managed by the Linux Foundation, a neutral non-profit organization.

International Transactions

International transactions are accepted for both incoming donations and outgoing payments.

Project Visibility

Understand the health and impact of crowdfunded projects with usage and vulnerability detection directly integrated with Insights reporting.

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