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LFX Organization Dashboard

The gateway to monitoring technical contributions by your employees and your investment in open source.

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Organization Dashboard


“The OSPO was a way for us to open doors to create the streamlining that was needed for our developers, who were previously restricted to their environments that they were working in and given tasks in. We needed to open that up but there was no Insights or LFX that was in place. Without that, we were left wondering who is already doing these things, who’s already trying to do these things.”

Eddie KnightSonatype Developer Advocate, Software & Cloud Engineer

Optimize your organization’s impact

Membership List and Contributor Charts

Central hub for managing all open source activities

from employee management, project contributions, employee training, and event attendance to
membership renewals, new opportunities, and more!


Benchmark your organization

Compare your organization’s contributions and practices to other market leaders, to identify opportunities to increase your impact

Contribution and Training Comparison Charts
Discover New Projects

Identify and drive critical projects and technologies

Use rich contributor metrics to identify projects and technologies your organization depends on and inform strategic investment.

Packed with features

Measure and improve your organizational impact

Prove the ROI of your open source contributions with centralized dashboards to summarize project memberships and employee activity.

Project Contributions

The Project Contribution tab in the dashboard provides all the relevant information related to the contributions from their organization in developing the open source projects.

Understand and utilize your member benefits

From governance to events and marketing, the benefits available to member organizations can be identified and claimed in a few clicks.

Analyze Employee Participation

Monitor open source activity across your entire organization with project health and employee engagement metrics that you care about.

Explore the LFX ecosystem of tools

Enable your open technology projects with tools you trust