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LFX Project Control Center

Manage your projects at scale

Project Control Center Dashboard

Put your project operations on auto-pilot

Meetings and Mailing List Dashboards

Increase your productivity.

Spend time on what matters most by automating project operations. Self-serve tools remove the need for filing tickets and exchanging emails, saving time and helping you and your developers be more productive.

Get up and running faster.

Reduce your turnaround time from weeks to minutes with API-driven automations that simplify common open source project tasks such as provisioning new cloud resources and development tools.

Source Control & Domain Dashboards

Packed with features

Project Governance

Organize your governance resources including legal entities and official committees, project documentation, export controls, and trademarks.

Memberships and Finances

Manage your project’s financial operations including membership tiers, pricing, billing, and accounting.

Role-Based Access Control

Get the access you need for your role. Permissions are set per project for administrators, project managers, and community stakeholders.

Integrated Project Tooling

Get your project onboarded to the entire suite of LFX tools, designed to help you scale your open source projects.

Release Engineering

Manage your code release pipeline, from commits and code merges, to builds, to packaging and distribution.

IT Service Inventory

Centralized management of your IT services including source control, domains, mailing lists, cloud instances, and collaboration tools.

Explore the LFX ecosystem of tools

Enable your open technology projects with tools you trust