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Rich insights to measure, manage and optimize efforts

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Continuously and transparently secure your open source supply chain

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Develop and support diverse talent and build your open source skillset

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Protect intellectual property while empowering contributions

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Self-service, low friction funding for projects and supporters

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LFX is a platform built to facilitate every aspect of open source development

Monitor the health of your projects and communities, maintain operations, and grow your ecosystem with tools built for contributors.

Maintainers and Project Leads

Fast-track your open source project development with integrated tools built to streamline operations, track project health, scale community engagement, and plan for long-term sustainability.

Members and Corporate Sponsors

Maximize your investment in critical open source projects and measure the success of your contributions with enterprise-ready tools built around transparency.

What the community is saying about LFX

“The key benefit I see in Crowdfunding is the transparency it provides for our finances as well as the easy method for collecting donations.”
Georg Link
“Coccinelle has really benefited from the interns we have hired via Mentorship. We really appreciate the opportunity to make contact with great interns for these projects.”
Julia Lawall
“Insights makes it very easy for everyone interested in Hyperledger to track the health, participants, and overally community activity of our projects and labs. “
Hart Montgomery
“One of the biggest challenges for open source projects is being able to define, track, and review key project metrics. It’s hard enough to have no visibility into end user consumption of your project, an outcome of a permissive license. But you really want to know who’s contributing to your project and what trends are happening regarding the number of contributors, number of commits, etc. The LFX Insights analytics tool is fantastic tool that quickly lets people look at key project statistics.”
Jim St. Leger
“It is important to be equally sustained and the LFX Crowdfunding platform has been providing us with the appropriate mechanism to focus on the different needs of the project, end-users, and communities.”
Jaskirat Singh
“We use LFX Crowdfunding to receive donations and handle project expenses. It provides all key features for working with individual and company donors, and it helps us to facilitate Jenkins evolution by funding outreach programs and infrastructure costs. We have also run our first independent mentoring project with the Mentorship portal. We are looking forward to making LFX the primary crowdfunding platform!”
Oleg From Jenkins
“Whether we’re working with a project to get its contributor volume up or talking with our sponsoring members on their engagement levels, Insights has really helped provide the hard data to make solid decisions and recommendations.”
Brian Behlendorf
“The LFX Mentorship program is well-organized and provides a robust set of tools for creating a mentorship program, screening candidates, and conducting the whole process virtually. Speaking personally, I had never created or run a mentorship program before. The Linux Foundation’s Mentorship staff had plenty of materials available to teach me everything I needed to know. What I really like about the program is that both the Linux Foundation and Intel have seeded the mentorship program with sufficient funds to provide the mentees with a generous stipend. This makes all the difference in the world to those who would like to learn from active open source projects, but typically need to forgo mentorship programs due to living expenses.”
Joe Pearson
“The Linux Foundation has provided the KiCad project an additional level of donations on top of our other donation methods. Getting developers’ invoices paid is amazingly easy and has added flexibility of using donations to benefit project development.”
Wayne Stamburgh
“At the start of the LFX Mentoring program, we were a bit overwhelmed with a larger number of proposals, most of which were high quality. The most difficult part was selecting the best proposals and students to move forward with since we had a limited number of mentors. The web based platform supported the selection, communication and management of the mentoring program. The best part was the excellent support from the LFX team – they were always responsive when we had questions.”
Gary O'Neall
“LFX brings our vision to a whole new level, giving our community access to an even more powerful set of tools and insights, based on the world class expertise of the Linux Foundation and their years of experience managing the world’s most mission-critical OSS projects.”
Gabriele Columbro

The world runs on open source, and projects need more than a version or source control system to scale

The Linux Foundation has evolved a proven methodology to transform projects into category leaders. LFX operationalizes this approach, providing a suite of tools built to facilitate every aspect of open source development and address key challenges facing today’s developers.

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