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“The LFX Mentorship program is well-organized and provides a robust set of tools for creating a mentorship program, screening candidates, and conducting the whole process virtually. Speaking personally, I had never created or run a mentorship program before. The Linux Foundation’s Mentorship staff had plenty of materials available to teach me everything I needed to know. What I really like about the program is that both the Linux Foundation and Intel have seeded the mentorship program with sufficient funds to provide the mentees with a generous stipend. This makes all the difference in the world to those who would like to learn from active open source projects, but typically need to forgo mentorship programs due to living expenses.”

Joe PearsonIBM Cloud Technology Strategist

Investing in new talent and diversity helps the entire open source community thrive

LFX Mentorship makes it easy to sponsor and help train the next generation of open source developers by serving key needs of the community. Invest in building a stronger and more diverse community of qualified developers and engineers.

More than 190 mentees have been accepted since the programs started in 2019, participating in 96 mentorship programs.

In addition to these programs, the Linux Foundation continues support for diversity and inclusion with expanded mentorship program co-sponsored by Intel in response to COVID-19.

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Scale project contributions

Find talented new contributors to help grow your project by hosting a mentorship program

Help aspiring developers grow while also gaining experience

Build relationships, grow your expertise, and help others by becoming a mentor

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Leverage data to help validate projects

Cultivate a diverse community

Dive right into the open source community and learn from top project maintainers

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