What’s New in LFX Insights: Ecosystem Trends, Enhanced Search, Project Groups, and More

We’ve been working hard to provide you with as much visibility into your project’s health and performance as possible through LFX Insights. Now we’re excited to give you even more context around project groups and ecosystem trends, so you can have a clearer picture of your impact within your community.

Earned Media Mentions Dashboard
Earned Media Mentions Dashboard

Social media channels, paid social ads, and news outlets are excellent tools for engaging with your project’s ecosystem, but how can you be sure your message is getting across? We’re excited to announce new Earned Media dashboards in Insights > Ecosystem Trends.** These dashboards are built to help you track what your community is saying so you can play a more significant part in the conversation.

**The Ecosystem Trends dashboard is available to employees of members companies of the Linux Foundation, project maintainers, and members of formal project committees like Board, TOCs, Marketing/Outreach committees. Read the documentation for more details.

What’s New: Earned Media Dashboards
  • Content Dashboard: View your content’s Ad Equivalency, Readership and Impact.
  • Mention Dashboard: Track “Mentions by Location” and understand your content’s Reach using Social Amplification.
  • Share of Voice Dashboard: Compare Share of Voice over time, track Sentiment, and analyze Key Messages.
  • SEO Dashboard: Measure Website Traffic, Referrals, Media Mentions, and Search Optimization.

Viewing Insights Just Got Easier

Global Search
Global Search

We’ve cleaned things up a bit so that navigating Insights is now easier than ever. Now when you land on the LFX Insights projects page, you’ll be able to search through all listed projects, differentiate between project groups and individual projects, and quickly access project dashboards.

What’s New: Enhanced Search & Navigation
  • LFX Toolkit Drop-down: Quickly navigate between the LFX tools.
  • Global Search: Search all projects within LFX Insights.
  • Project Group vs. Individual Project Cards: Differentiate between stacked Project Groups (e.g., CNCF) and individual Project Cards (e.g., Kubernetes is an individual project within the CNCF project group).
  • Multiple Ways to Access a Dashboard: Click a Project Card’s title or button to access that project’s dashboard.

Easily Differentiate between Project Groups and Individual Projects

Project Group Metrics Cards
Project Group Metrics Cards

Project cards and dashboards are clearly organized between project groups (e.g., CNCF) and individual projects (e.g., Kubernetes is an individual project within the CNCF project group). Project groups provide an aggregated overview so you can understand how all sub-projects are performing or drill down into a specific project.

** Project Group metrics are aggregated based on the available data from onboarded projects. Read the documentation for a full list of supported data sources.

What’s New: Project Groups & Summary Dashboards
  • Project Group Metrics Cards: Aggregated overview of metrics for all projects in the Project Group. Click on “Overview” or the “Project Group Summary” tab for a dashboard view of metrics for all projects in the Project Group.
  • Local Search: Search for projects within the Project Group.
  • Individual Project Cards: Quickly navigate to individual project overview dashboards.

Quickly Compare the Health of Multiple Projects

Project Health Comparison Dashboard (Beta)

Understand how your project is performing against the competition with the new Project Health Comparison Dashboard (Beta). Now you can compare multiple projects based on key metrics all on one dashboard. This dashboard is currently in beta, so expect new features coming soon.

What’s New: Compare Project Health (Beta)
  • Project Health Metrics: View a comprehensive listing of a project’s key performance metrics.
  • Multi-Project Comparison: Easily search for projects by name to add them to the dashboard table.

More Ways to Filter Community Contributions

Community Leaderboards
Community Leaderboards

Understand who your most active contributors are so you know who to vote for in your next committee election. Community Leaderboards let you sort community contributors by a number of filter options, based on what activity is most important to you. The default view is “Code” commits data, but you can also view “GitHub PRs” and “GitHub Issues.” Or, select “All” to compare all data sources supported in this view.

What’s New: Community Leaderboard Filters
  • Filter by Data Source: View defaults to “Code” commits data, with two additional source options to filter by. Select “All” to view all available data sources.

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