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Actively Manage Your Open Source Project Health with Insights

As a project leader, you’re constantly looking for ways to monitor the health of your community and nurture its growth. Our latest version of LFX insights will provide you with powerful new tools, dashboards, and metrics to understand your project’s performance and your community’s engagement at a glance.  The new and improved LFX Insights will […]

Elevate Your Organizations Open Source Strategy

The role of software, specifically open source software, is more influential than ever and drives today’s innovation. Maintaining and growing future innovation depends on the open source community. Enterprises that understand this are driving transformation and rising to the challenges by boosting their collaboration across industries, understanding how to support their open source developers, and […]

LFX’22 Mentorship Experience with Open Horizon

The following post originally appeared on Medium. The author, Ruchi Pakhle, participated in our LFX Mentorship program this past spring. echo “amazing experience” Hey everyone!I am Ruchi Pakhle currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from MGM’s College of Engineering & Technology. I am a passionate developer and an open-source enthusiast. I recently graduated from LFX Mentorship Program. In […]

The Life Cycles of Open Source Projects

There are hundreds of thousands of open source projects out there – many are innovative ideas, poised to make a positive impact on the world. There is a much smaller number that move from an idea with one or two maintainers to broad adoption with an active community and investments from other organizations. How does […]

One Place to Manage Your Open Source Projects and Communities

Open source communities are driven by a mutual interest in collaboration and sharing around a common solution. They are filled with passion and energy. As a result, today’s world is powered by open source software, powering the Internet, databases, programming languages, and so much more. It is revolutionizing industries and tackling the toughest challenges. Just check […]

LFX Platform: An Update on Growing and Sustaining Open Source

Open source fuels the world’s innovation, yet building impactful, innovative, high-quality, and secure software at scale can be challenging when meeting the growing requirements of open source communities. Over the past two decades, we have learned that ecosystem building is complex. A solution was needed to help communities manage themselves with the proper toolsets in […]

Advance Your Open Source Skills with Real-World Mentorships

It’s no question that hiring open source talent is a top priority for hiring managers. But how can you gain the skills you need to stand out from the crowd? Training courses and certifications are a great place to start (and our curriculum is built by some of the world’s top open source leaders). But, […]

How to Grow Your Community with Data-Driven Insights

Learn how to harness project data analytics to grow your open source community and ensure project health. In this blog post we’ll cover: Where to start when building a data-driven engagement plan. How to use tools like LFX Insights to build a picture of your current ecosystem Quick steps you can take to start growing […]

LFX Security: GitHub Bot Installation, New Features Coming Soon

We’ll be making significant updates to LFX Security, which will bring improved vulnerability detection and code secret analysis to version 2 of the tool. As part of this work, we will be configuring GitHub organizations and repositories for Linux Foundation-hosted projects to enable LFX Security GitHub Bot scanning. Installation will take place in the next […]

Insights Release: July 2021 – Social Media Dashboards

As someone who is key to driving your open source community’s technical direction, governance, and steering, how do you measure and understand engagement with your project contributors on Social Media? Which topics being discussed on these networks have the most impact or influence on your project’s development and overall adoption? LFX Insights now supports Twitter, […]